“Understanding your requirements, challenges, and technology goals is the foundation of our customer-centric solutions. Our Professional Services teams help clients use technology as a source of strategic and competitive advantage to provide with a business solution. We back this commitment to quality with outstanding customer service and support”

Our Practice Areas

Enterprise Application

ERP practice focuses on the implementation, upgrade and enhancement of Enterprise Applications. We provide a comprehensive set of services to meet your specific needs.

Architecture & Infrastructure

Whether installing a new network, integrating various products and systems, or expanding your current capabilities, Q1 will help you maximize your investment in technology.

Staff & Talent Augmentation

Q1 has a proven track record of providing the best resources to augment projects for fortune 50 companies. Q1 has a dedicated team of specialized technical recruiters and account managers.

Managed IT Services

Our centers are staffed with a quality workforce, capable of successfully handling entire application and infrastructure portfolios while delivering value added services in addition to the significant cost savings.

From all angles – Leave IT to us

We assist you in responding to the ever changing and complex information technology needs with a suite of services that address each individual unique challenge.

Managing Cyber Security

Security Used to be a Physical threat, now security is Virtual
It has been estimated, on average One large company breached per month and Many small to medium sized companies are breached per week. Revenue motivating the attacks are theft of money, credit cards, brokerage accounts, eCommerce accounts, personally identifiable information (PII) and IP, theft of computer resources. There are 16 critical infrastructure sectors whose assets, systems, and networks, whether physical or virtual, are considered so vital to the United States that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, national economic security, national public health or safety, or any combination thereof. Bad News is that it’s evolving and ever-changing. Q1’s security experts provide assessment, fixing and proactive monitoring / management of these new world threats so you can keep yours and your customers data secured.


The Assessment is designed to provide a measurable and repeatable process to assess an institution’s level of cybersecurity risk and preparedness. Part one of this Assessment is the Inherent Risk Profile, which identifies an institution’s inherent risk relevant to cyber risks


The risk mitigation involves development of mitigation plans designed to manage, eliminate, or reduce security risk. Once the threats are plugged and plan is implemented, it is continually monitored to assess its efficacy with the intent of revising the course-of-action if needed.


The threat environment is always changing, with cyber-attacks occurring on an ongoing basis. We provide monitoring and management program that is robust and vigilant, continually adapting to cover emerging technologies, such as cloud, mobile and virtualized environments.

IT Business Services

At your request we will either provide our whole end-to-end standard solution or limit it to those components that you require. This is our approach to all the services we offer.

Vendor Management / Third Party Governance

Strategy, Program Development, Program Implementation, Maintenance and Support

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Development of the overall Plan, Incorporation of application disaster recovery plan’s (DRP), Testing of the Plan

Policy and Procedure Development and Writing

Including workflow design

Program/Project Management Services

Project roadmaps and annual budget planning, Information system implementations, Operational improvement implementations

Audit/Examination Support

Meeting / interacting with auditors, examiners & regulators to manage expectations, provide supporting documentation & information

Technical Staffing

Quality comes from a foundation of providing world-class talent sourcing and acquisition services to a multitude of clients, exceeding their expectation for the last 14 years.
From help desk to senior project managers, Q1 gives you the flexibility to get the right resource at the right price, anytime and anywhere. Experience our flexibility, it will make you your business needs seem a lot simpler.
We are here, we are flexible and we can fill any position, anytime, anywhere. From one resource to 100 resources, our on-demand sourcing gives you the power of flexibility.

Infrastructure Monitoring & Support

We offer quality and reliability. Our infrastructure and support services will give you the confidence needed for you, in-turn, to give your customers the service they need at all times.

Infrastructural Architectural Design, Development, & Implementation

Hardware And Operating System Procurement (Buy/Lease) & Installation

Network Connectivity, Security, Monitoring & Management

Telecom Support & Management

Server Monitoring & Management

Desktop/Laptop Support & Management

Equipment Asset Management

Data Center Support & Management

Software Implementation

Q1 executes a rapid deployment of a core system, moving on to iterative cycles of continuous improvement, each of which has clearly defined tangible benefits. Majority of the value can be delivered simply and quickly; this builds credibility and guards against project drift. Q1’s clients often determine the pace of an installation

Application Development

Q1 provides expert application design, development and integration of software product applications and components. We help clients spend smarter by strategically leveraging off site and on site development services to achieve the benefits of shorter development cycles, faster time to market, and reduced development cost.

Data Management

Q1’s data management services can help harmonize, store and manage data over time. By enabling clients to collaboratively manage and control data in a workflow driven environment our data management services increase the consistency and accuracy of corporate performance reporting and operations

Business Intelligence

Q1’s information delivery team develops theories, technologies and tools to address this problem, leading to systems that deliver the right information at the right time as well as provide appropriate gateways to the information arena. For purpose of management decision making and running regular operations, reports are the most critical component. Organizations have unique requirements for reporting and not all are met with standard application reports

Architecture Design

Q1 offers Enterprise System Architecture Design services to organizations with several departments or work groups that need technical support in establishing a specific system architecture strategy

Requirements Assessment

Q1 has extensive experience in all aspects of the evaluation and assessment research. Assessment management and planning, design and questionnaires, drawing of sample solution frameworks for test.

Application Support

At Q1 we provide onsite as well as offsite help to avoid costly unplanned outages and reduce the risk of service interruption through monitoring & management of all components that comprise

Transition Training

Knowledge workers spend majority of their time looking for information and are unsuccessful up to 50% of the time. Q1’s information delivery team develops theories, technologies and